Make it easy on yourself…

The Cambridge Barbecue Company is here to take the weight off your shoulders so you can get out there and enjoy your own party. Give us a little space and we'll set up, feed everyone, clear up after ourselves, and leave you to deal with nothing more than happy memories.

There's something special about the smell of a barbecue, a sense of anticipation as your food is cooked – and with all the sizzle and excitement adding to the atmosphere of the event it's a lot more fun than a plate of cold cucumber sandwiches.

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Burgers cooking


What do we cook?

That depends on what you want to eat. We try to keep our barbecue service flexible rather than go with fixed menus, so ask and we'll try to source it.

To give you some ideas, there's handmade burgers, shishkebabs, and speciality sausages as well as specially prepared steaks and cuts of lamb, pork, and chicken.

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Why hire us?

Here's a small taster of what we bring to the party when you hire us.

  • Friendly attitude and helpful staff
  • Serving tables, napkins, crockery, cutlery
  • We cook whatever the weather
  • We work all year round
  • Full set up and preparation
  • Quiet and efficient clear up
  • Full public liability insurance

Service and Terms

Who are we?

We are the sister company of The Cambridge Hog Roast Company, Cambridge's premier hog roast company who have had the privilege to cook at locations such as:

  • Knebworth House
  • The Perse School
  • various Cambridge colleges
  • Origin8

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Freshly prepared burgers

Trading days

From time to time we take jobs – often for charities – where the client isn't in a position to pay to feed all of their guests. So, we set up our barbecue service as a paying operation, with food prices discussed in advance with the organizer.

We ask the client to guarantee to cover our minimum operating expenses for the day. If takings fall under the agreed minimum, the client makes up the shortfall. If we reach the agreed minimum sales, then the client has nothing to pay. We can only do a limited number of these each year, so: first come, first served.

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